The year ahead: strategies for success - part two

A re-evaluation

Sophie Harding, trends and insights director, Mindshare

The latest research from Mindshare’s 5th annual Mindshare Trends Report has revealed that over half (54%) of people are making more conscious, deliberate media choices these days. This is extending into a number of areas such as TV viewing, news consumption and device, internet and social media use. With a growing concern for wellbeing and an increasing sense of uncertainty in all areas of our lives, from politics through to the economy, it’s clear that people want to be put back in the driving seat and feel empowered to make these kinds of impactful life decisions, however small.

In addition, attitudes towards media are changing, as the impact of GDPR and the increased publicity about media company practices kicks in. People are now feeling savvier, more informed and confident in this space.

We are already seeing tech companies offering tools and designing products to fit this new mind-set, such as Facebook and Instagram’s monitoring dashboards and Apple’s screen-time app. Whether people choose to do something about the information provided is another point entirely, but it’s clear that people want to be given the information to make that informed choice.

Brands and marketers should also be thinking in a similar way about how to best help people in this space and use media mindfully. It will become increasingly important to be sensitive to context and know when to adapt to various moods and situations. Switch off moments must be respected, and less interruptive platforms are more likely to be welcomed.

How brands should appear in the social space is an area for real consideration. Interestingly, our report also showed that over half (51%) of people say they would be happy if social media had never been invented, although we do need to take this with a pinch of salt, as our relationship with social media becomes increasingly complex. People aren’t leaving social platforms entirely just yet, but they are certainly changing how they use them. It is therefore advisable to think about how to cultivate a healthy and real presence.

So as 2019 begins, brands should take into account that people are starting to re-evaluate the ways in which they interact with media – such as being more selective about the TV they watch, assessing how they use social media, paying closer attention to the sources they use for news, and monitoring their internet habits.

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