12th April 2024

Weekly Prompt: YouTube Introduces Shopping Collections and More

YouTube adds new shopping tools for creators: enhancing content and commerce

YouTube is introducing new shopping features that enable creators to curate shoppable collections, plan videos more effectively, and monetize older content swiftly to increase product discovery and encourage more purchases within the app.

One of these features, "Shopping Collections," allows creators to handpick products from their favourite brands, organized around specific themes like everyday makeup or capsule wardrobes. These collections seamlessly integrate into the creator's product list, Store tab, and video descriptions, enhancing viewer access to featured items.

Initially accessible on the Studio app for mobile devices, YouTube plans to expand this functionality to desktop users soon, ensuring broader accessibility across different platforms.

In addition to Shopping Collections, YouTube is introducing the Affiliate Hub, providing creators with a centralized platform to manage affiliate marketing partnerships and track performance. This hub simplifies the process of finding the latest shopping partners, commission rates, promo codes, and requesting samples from brands.

These tools aim to assist creators in planning their next shoppable video while fostering connections with potential brand partners.

Lastly, YouTube is also integrating Fourthwall, a creator-shopping service, into its platform. FourthWall enables creators to embed interactive shopping experiences directly into their videos, seamlessly incorporating product links for viewer purchases without disrupting their viewing experience. This feature aims to enhance engagement, offering viewers a more immersive shopping journey within the content they enjoy.

Sources: MediaPost, Social Media Today, TechCrunch

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