8th March 2024

Weekly Prompt: What's next for Twitch?

Twitch is set for a revamp in 2024 with an app overhaul and more in the works

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy has unveiled the platform's ambitious plans for 2024, emphasizing key changes to enhance user experience and foster community growth. Central to this vision is a comprehensive overhaul of Twitch's mobile platform, slated to bring about a more seamless and user-friendly interface tailored to the needs of both creators and viewers.

The upcoming mobile app redesign represents a significant milestone, marking the first major update since 2019. Among the key improvements, users can expect an expanded Discovery Feed, serving as the primary landing experience for all users. This scrollable feed will showcase live streams and curated clips, equipped with intuitive filters to facilitate personalized content discovery. Additionally, the revamped app will integrate features such as Stories and short-form video updates, empowering creators to engage with their audiences in new and dynamic ways.

Twitch is also looking to streamline the content creation and sharing process with enhancements to the Clip Editor, enabling both streamers and viewers to create and share clips effortlessly across various social media platforms, including the introduction of a direct export option to Instagram. Efforts are also underway to optimize financial transactions on mobile, making it easier for viewers to purchase subscriptions, gift subs, and Bits while on the go.

Furthermore, Twitch is doubling down on its commitment to fostering collaboration among streamers through the ongoing development of its Stream Together feature, unlocking new opportunities for community building and content creation.

Beyond product enhancements, Twitch will continue to work to combat harassment on the platform, updating its community guidelines and refining its enforcement system to help ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all users.

Sources: Eurogamer, The Verge, Twitch blog

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