1st March 2024

Weekly Prompt: Mobile World Congress highlights and other news

Highlights from MWC Barcelona 2024

This week, Barcelona hosted the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the premier event for the mobile technology ecosystem. With the theme "Future First," MWC delved into addressing present and future challenges across six subthemes: 5G and Beyond, Connecting Everything, Humanizing AI, Manufacturing DX, Game Changers, and Our Digital DNA.

The event also served as a platform for unveiling the latest products, ranging from smartphones, laptops, and wearables to futuristic concept devices, offering a glimpse into what might be to come.

Motorola showcased a wearable phone concept—a bendable device that curves on itself and can be worn like a bracelet when not in use. Honor announced the international launch of its flagship Magic 6 Pro phone, packed with the power of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and infused with AI capabilities.

In terms of wearables, a standout feature was Samsung's Galaxy Ring, a smart ring focusing on health and wellness features alongside AI capabilities, signalling a new direction for the smart wearable market. Although the model showcased at MWC was a prototype, an official launch is scheduled for later this year, generating significant excitement in Barcelona. Additionally, Humane’s laser beaming wearable AI Pin captured attention, allowing people outside the USA to experience the polarizing gadget firsthand.

Lenovo's Project Crystal presented a see-through laptop concept with a transparent micro-LED display and keyboard, which Lenovo believes lends itself to multimodal AI processing.

Some of the quirkier items on display included a game-integrated robotic lawn mower, enabling users to play Doom while mowing their lawns, a ChatGPT-powered grandchild doll acting as a surrogate companion for the elderly, and a concept phone operating without the need for apps.

Sources: Cnet, Wired, The Verge, ZDNET

Additional Prompts

Google announced it is introducing improvements to search suggestions in Chrome. As part of the changes, users will start to get more helpful search suggestions in Chrome based on what others are searching for. Read more

Instagram is experimenting with a new ‘Friend Map’ live location display that will enable your friends to see where you are and where you’ve been, with all posts and Stories tagged with a location added to the map display. The opt-in functionality could also show both live location and past visits. Read more

Meta is making some updates to its Creator Bonus program to provide more incentives for top talent, including removing the restriction on how much creators can earn from the program per month, inviting more creators from more markets to participate in the program, and inviting participants to integrate Reels ads into their clips, providing even more monetization potential. Read more

Spotify is rolling out a new feature called Song Psychic that will allow users to ask Spotify questions and get answers in the form of music. The addition builds on the success of Spotify’s personalized, year-end review called Wrapped, which offers ways of turning Spotify’s music data into insights designed for social sharing. Read more

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