5th April 2024

Weekly Prompt: Facebook's Vertical Video Upgrade

Facebook embraces vertical video with new player launch

Meta, Facebook's parent company, has announced the launch of an updated mobile video player, introducing a vertical-first approach reminiscent of TikTok. This revamped player aims to provide a more seamless and immersive viewing experience for users engaging with various video formats on the platform.

Under the new design, Facebook’s Reels, Facebook Live, and long-form videos will default to a full-screen portrait-oriented format. This move aims to provide a consistent and immersive viewing experience across all video lengths and types. The rollout will begin on iOS and Android devices in the United States and Canada, with a global expansion planned in the coming months.

Key features of the updated player include a slider for effortless video navigation and improved controls for pausing and rewinding. Additionally, Facebook's algorithm will leverage enhanced video recommendations to curate content tailored to users' interests, regardless of length.

This update reflects Facebook's response to adapting to evolving consumer behaviours, particularly the increasing preference for mobile-centric viewing experiences. As the platform aims to remain competitive in the dynamic landscape of social media, the introduction of the vertical-first video player signals a significant step towards enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Sources: Social Media Today, TechCrunch, The Verge

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