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Behind the lens at Huddle

As Shutterstock’s photographer, I was tasked to ensure I captured on camera all of the weird and wonderful happenings of Mindshare Huddle 2017!

The post-human futuristic theme resulted in some great ‘off-huddles’ and consequently provided me with the perfect opportunities to take photos. From tepees to tattoos, this was a corporate event like no other!

 I was given a brief to make certain I caught on camera the key moments of the day, such as CEO of Mindshare UK, Helen McRae, getting a biochip injected into her hand. Not something I’m sure she was very happy to have captured, but a great photo opportunity! When I wasn’t working on a set brief, I had the chance to wander around the event, allowing me take photos of whatever caught my eye.

Yes, Huddle is a corporate event, but it’s far from the ordinary and not what I expected. No suits, no obvious age group and lots of vivid colour! This, combined with the interactive nature of the event made my job so much easier to capture fun and vibrant imagery.

During the event I transferred the photos to the content and social teams so they could use the images I had taken as ‘live’ content. The photography industry has changed rapidly, even in just a few years, which means at events like Huddle I’m constantly working alongside smartphones. Even a Voltar fortune telling machine could accurately predict that technologies and social platforms are bringing with them new paths for creativity in photography. Because of the nature of my work, photographing for high profile red carpet and news events, I now use technology such as wifi-enabled cameras and high-speed tethering to allow for the Shutterstock editorial team to make visual content available fast. The ability to instantly share images is just the beginning - this momentum is not looking like it’s going to stop!

Vianney Le Caer, freelance photojournalist