16th December 2021

Mindshare Refreshes Brand Identity as Next Step in its Transformation

New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai, December 15th, 2021: Mindshare, the media services company that is part of WPP, has refreshed its brand identity as the next step in its transformation.

Having outlined its strategy earlier this year to deliver enhanced and integrated media services for the transformation age, appointed a new global leadership team and introduced its vision to Accelerate Good Growth, Mindshare is now aligning its brand identity with its new direction.

The new identity system is designed to reflect the nature of modern marketing, which demands a closer and stronger integration between client and agency partners and a more bespoke approach for each client. It integrates and connects Mindshare’s new logo with clients, people and content by splitting apart ‘Mind’ and ‘Share’. This way the new logo serves as a wrapper which can also be looped to form a frame around content. Both elements of the system can then exist in a variety of colours to provide further flexibility ensuring that Mindshare can more authentically connect to clients, people and content in the most relevant way. The new identity also drops the ‘fans’ associated with the old logo, which was introduced in 2008.

Adam Gerhart, Global CEO Mindshare, said: “The time to embrace the intent of our name has never been more pronounced – new means of collaboration, new consumer expectations, new open architectures of capabilities. The brand identify refresh aligns the Mindshare brand with the strategic direction we communicated earlier this year and is the latest step in our own business transformation. Our integrated, client partnership-focused approach to delivering media services for the transformation age demands an identity that is more flexible. I am excited that we now have a brand identity in place which supports our strategy and our purpose of Accelerating Good Growth.”

Greg Brooks, Mindshare’s Global Chief Marketing and Culture Officer, said: “Our identity now puts our name in the heart of the conversation. It means we can connect more easily and more authentically with every client, person or topic in different and unique ways, enabling us to better communicate our approach to media services.”

The new identity will be applied across the entire Mindshare global network of 116 offices in 86 countries and a new brand film introduces many of the new elements of the brand identity system alongside Mindshare’s core message that the agency drives Good Growth for its client in the age of transformation.

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