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Homelessness in focus

We know we’re doing something that was completely different to this year’s Huddle theme and that’s what got us excited.

When Daniel Sichel approached us to present in the tepee at Huddle this year we jumped at the chance. We were able to include an often ignored group of people – the homeless population. Instead of presenting the latest AI product or invention, we did however have one thing in common – creativity.

The creativity in the photography our participants talked about was as passionate as the most successful young IT technology designer.

Our product is a calendar made up of photographs taken on the most basic camera – a disposable camera. We sell it on the street like the Big Issue and in markets, but at Huddle we enlarged photos to A2 size and the photographers spoke about their photos and about their lives.

We love the idea that Mindshare enabled us to share our project with their clients – to remind people of those less fortunate, but also those who are also striving to make their world a better place.

Café Art at Huddle, 9 November 17

If you are interested in see more about what we do we’re online:

Facebook: @cafeartforhomelessartists

Website: cafeart.org.uk

Instagram: @cafeartuk

YouTube: Café Art UK

Twitter: @cafeartuk