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The Attention Game

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. How the future is based around Behavioural Loyalty to turn points into prizes.

When Bruce Forsyth started out I doubt he would have suspected that he would be in the Guinness World of Records for the worlds longest serving entertainer for The Generation Game or that he was the potential harbinger of a new value exchange I’m calling Behavioural Loyalty. 

Bruce’s most famous catchphrase was “what do points make....prizes” and in the future that’s exactly what points will be making. We’re entering a world where our interaction with the world is measured through our data exhaust. Today the average person emits about 400mb each day. By 2020 that number will rise exponentially to a huge 1.6gb! It’s my belief that meaning and identity is only truly derived from how you interact with the world…in other words your context and your history. It’s this data that truly personalises us and today we’re now in charge of how that is monetised.

When we’re kicking off 1.6gb daily who captures and manages that data and what are they doing with it? It should be YOU to decide how that data is exchanged and how your behaviour is valued.

How will that happen? Well your data will be turned into points and transmogrified in real world discount coupons streaming media services...the future is based around this value exchange and at Unlockd we’re talking about this new native technique Behavourial Loyalty which we have been talking about at Mindshare’s Huddle.

And what of Brucie...I’m sure he’s sitting up there happy in the knowledge that he’s still making an impact as the best entertainer even in the afterlife.

JC Oliver, Global Chief Creative Officer at Unlockd