Mindshare Purpose

How We Work

We believe a stretch in thinking is required to grow brands by doing good: 

A stretch in how we view the brand: From brand purpose to social purpose.  

Purpose explains why a brand exists beyond financial gain. A brand purpose expresses why it has a right to meet a customer need, a social purpose goes further - it expresses why a brand can meet a societal need. A social purpose increases a brand’s potential to connect with an audience who increasingly expect brands to make a difference in the world. And its potential to innovate in meaningful ways to ensure the brand continues to remain relevant.  

A stretch in how we view audiences: From consumers to citizens.  

It’s not enough to look at audiences solely in the context of their purchasing behaviour. We must look at the wider context and reality of people’s lives to understand what role the brand might play. We consider and explore family, work, home, and most importantly how people connect to their community and society.  

A stretch in how we view advertising: From advert to action.  

From beautifully worded slogans that communicate ideas to the power of media that shifts behaviour. We believe media can make a positive impact on people’s lives. That’s why the output of Planning for Purpose is always about doing rather than saying. We make creative media ideas that have participation at their heart.  

A stretch in how we measure impact: From solely commercial, to both commercial and social impact. 

For this, we measure not just the commercial KPIs, but also the Key Human Indicators. KHI’s frame how we understand and measure the functional, emotional and social impact of our ideas.