31st May 2024

Weekly Prompt: YouTube launches 'Playables' and other news

YouTube launches 'Playables' gaming platform with over 75 free games

YouTube has officially launched its new gaming platform, "Playables," offering over 75 free games to users. Initially available to select markets, Playables is now accessible to more users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia through YouTube's mobile app and desktop site.

Playables features a variety of popular lightweight mobile games such as "Angry Birds Showdown," "Cut the Rope," "Trivia Crack," "Words of Wonders," and "Tomb of the Mask." Users can save their progress and track high scores, enhancing their gaming experience directly within the YouTube app.

The launch follows a successful test phase and aims to increase user engagement by expanding YouTube's offerings beyond video content. The integration of games aligns with YouTube's significant gaming community, which generated over 4 billion hours of watch time in 2022.

YouTube's move into the gaming space comes amid growing competition. Netflix launched its gaming platform in 2021, while Meta and LinkedIn have also added gaming features. Playables may face challenges, as expanding user habits from watching videos to playing games could be difficult. However, early tests showed promise, leading to this broader rollout.

Users can find Playables in the Explore menu on YouTube's home page and may also see games featured in their Home feed, search results, and other parts of the platform. The games are expected to be available to everyone within the coming weeks, marking a significant expansion in YouTube's interactive entertainment capabilities.

Sources: Business Insider, Media Post, Social Media Today, YouTube

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