15th December 2023

Weekly Prompt: Top Trends to watch in 2024

A look at the trends set to impact the industry in 2024

As the year comes to a close, many partners are looking ahead to 2024 and the predicted trends set to impact the industry and what advertisers need to know. This week, we’re sharing the latest reports to inspire and prompt your Good Growth.

Pinterest Predicts 2024: Today’s ‘cheat sheet’ for tomorrow’s trends
Pinterest has released its annual trend report, Pinterest Predicts, harnessing the power of Pinterest’s predictive trend data to give consumers and advertisers a head start on what will be the biggest and hottest trends for 2024. The report predicts 23 trends for 2024 in fashion, beauty, home decor, entertainment, travel, parenting and more. Read more.

Tik Tok What’s Next 2024 Trend Report
For this year's report, Tik Tok looks at how creative bravery drives impact by piquing global curiosities, flipping traditional story arcs, and deepening trust between brands and their audiences. This annual trend forecast will arm marketers with key knowledge around the community's changing wants and needs to shape the year ahead. In 2024, the TikTok community will ignite a transformative mindset fueled by curiosity, imagination, vulnerability and courage. In fact, taking strategic risks and being vulnerable is now the ultimate brand strategy, where leaning into micro insights and showcasing quirks can be your superpower. The unknown and uncomfortable is what creates the unimaginable - and those brave enough to create for it won't just keep up, they'll flourish. Read more.

2024 Instagram Trend Talk
From fashion and friendship to eras and icks, here’s all the trends Gen Z will be driving on Instagram in 2024. Instagram’s Trend Talk, conducted in partnership with WGSN, shares the results of a sweeping survey looking at Gen Z trends across the US, UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea. The survey asked about topics, issues, and trends that matter to Gen Z and identified what you can expect to see all over the platform in 2024 - from fashion, beauty, social media, dating, friendships, and more. Read the report.

Additional Prompts

Top advertising trends to watch in 2024 from Ad Age: From AI and influencer marketing to purpose marketing and data, marketers grapple with the big trends on tap for next year:

The 10 Biggest Business Trends For 2024 Everyone Must Be Ready For Now from Forbes: With the general global economic downturn predicted to get worse before it gets better, companies are likely to remain cautious when it comes to spending and investing in radical new ideas in 2024. However, there are a number of technological and societal trends that are simply too big to ignore or put off until better days.

10 digital marketing trends marketers need to look out for in 2024 from Marketing Interactive: Taking the marketing world by storm and crowned the word of the year by Collins Dictionary, it is no surprise that AI is the top trend marketers can expect in their digital marketing strategy. However, in an AI-dominated marketing landscape, consumers have become skeptical about brand content authenticity and are looking for authenticity-driven marketing.

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