20th October 2023

Weekly Prompt: TikToks are going OOP and other news

TikTok's new 'Out of Phone' program will take brand promotions beyond the mobile screen

TikTok is taking its advertising game to a new level with the launch of "Out of Phone," a program that extends TikTok content beyond smartphones and into the physical world. The initiative will allow brands to use TikTok content in real-world locations such as billboards, cinemas, restaurants and more.

Building on the success of a partnership with Redbox, which featured TikTok content on over 3,000 kiosks, TikTok has extended the approach with more media partners, to bring existing campaigns to an even broader range of places.

New partners include VEVO, the popular music video network; ReachTV, the major in-airport television network; Loop TV, a free streaming TV service for businesses; Raydiant, a brick-and-mortar experience platform; GSTV, a gas station ad company; Screenvision, a cinema advertising company; and billboard companies DIVE Billboards and Adomni.

The Out of Phone program has three key elements:

  • Out of Phone: Billboard - running TikTok campaigns on physical billboards
  • Out of Phone: Cinema - replicating the TikTok experience on cinema screens
  • Out of Phone: Other Screens – spreading your TikToks across various venues such as bars, restaurants, airports, gas stations, and retail stores.

Dan Page, the global head of distribution at TikTok, said: "With Out of Phone, we're taking TikTok beyond the palm of our hands and into everyday life."

Sources:  AdAge, Social Media Today, TechCrunch, TikTok Newsroom, The Media Leader

Additional prompts

YouTube has introduced 'Spotlight Moments', an AI-powered advertising tool that allows brands to display their ads alongside the most relevant and engaging content during cultural moments. Using AI, YouTube identifies popular videos related to events like Halloween and lets advertisers serve their ads within this themed content. Read more

YouTube is also adding features to help creators make more money from shoppable videos. New tools will allow creators to add timestamps to videos for their tagged products and tag their affiliate products in multiple videos at once. These additions will simplify the process of marketing products through YouTube. Read more

Amazon is launching a new social shopping feature, ‘Consult-a-Friend’, that will let consumers ask trusted friends for advice while they shop through the Amazon app. Shoppers can send a message with a link to the people they want advice from. These friends can react to the product shown with emojis and comments. Read more

Meta is expanding its ‘Broadcast Channels’ feature to Facebook and Messenger after rolling it out to Instagram and WhatsApp earlier this year. The feature lets creators and public figures share one-to-many messages to directly engage with their followers. Read more

Snapchat has announced new creator collaboration ad tools providing more ways to maximize brand exposure in the app. New features include “Paid Partnership Tags” for sponsored posts, a new Creator Discovery API and a new ad placement option, with midrolls for creator Stories. Read more

Snapchat is also now allowing its content to be embedded into websites.  Having relied on people consuming content on its own app. Snapchat is now allowing websites to embed public content, including Lenses, Spotlight videos, Public Stories, and Public Profiles. Read more

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