12th January 2024

Weekly Prompt: OpenAI launches GPT Store & other news

OpenAI launches GPT Store for users to share custom chatbots

This week, OpenAI launched the GPT Store, an online marketplace enabling users to share their own chatbots, developed using OpenAI's language models.

Exclusive to premium ChatGPT services, the GPT Store will enable users to not only create but also monetize a diverse array of chatbot tools with their own personalities and functionalities. These could span from lesson planning to recipe development, presenting a range of possibilities. Users can explore chatbots on the GPT Store, by category and popularity, mirroring the structure of popular app marketplaces like Apple's App Store and Alphabet's Google Play store.

This introduction of the GPT Store signifies a pivotal expansion of OpenAI's ecosystem, offering additional use cases for ChatGPT beyond what the company builds for customers. OpenAI is poised to introduce a revenue-sharing program in Q1 of this year, though specific details remain undisclosed. Notably, not all the 3 million custom bots already created will automatically feature in the store; GPT creators must grant approval. OpenAI is also implementing a new review system to ensure that custom GPTs meet its brand guidelines and usage policies. Additionally, updates on reporting potentially harmful or unsafe GPTs have been introduced.

The GPT Store's rollout will extend to users of ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, and subscribers to the new Team tier.

Sources:  Forbes, The Guardian, The Verge

Additional prompts

Disney debuted shoppable ad units and measurement partners at CES. The new ads, called Gateway Shop, are an evolution of interactive ads that currently run on Hulu where users can scan a QR code or have additional information sent to their phone by clicking the option with their remote. The new ads are more commerce-focused, continuing streaming’s trend toward driving business outcomes for brands. Disney is launching Gateway Shop in beta form and Unilever will be one of the first advertisers to test the capability with Disney via its media agency Mindshare. Read more

GroupM has announced an industry-first collaboration with Google to integrate behavioral data into the Choreograph insights platform via Google's Audience Insights API. This collaboration will provide GroupM clients globally with instant and actionable insights to inform brand campaigns for media planning, content, and activation. Read more

Instagram is testing a new collaboration option to create stories for friends. Some users are now seeing a new option in the Stories creation flow that enables them to share their Story to a friend via the “Friend’s Story” option. Read more

Snapchat is rolling out some new updates to its parental control and supervision tools, which will make it easier for parents to manage their kids’ exposure levels in the app. Read more

TikTok is now TV-compatible, thanks to an update to Chromecast. TikTok content can now be cast to your television from your phone or laptop via any Chromecast device, whether that's a dongle or one that's built-in to your TV. Read more

WhatsApp is launching a new feature on iOS that lets users create, edit, and share their own stickers. Users can turn their photos into stickers or personalize existing stickers directly within the app without having to drag-and-drop images from the photo gallery or use third-party apps to create custom stickers. Read more

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