3rd November 2023

Weekly Prompt: Meta’s new creator tools, AI is word of the year and more

Meta introduces new creator tools to enhance content creation and management

Meta has introduced several new creator tools to enhance the content creation and management experience on its Facebook platform. One of the prominent new features is the Reels A/B testing tool, allowing creators to test up to four different captions or thumbnails for a single video. These variations are shown to separate audience groups for 30 minutes, with the version receiving the most plays becoming the default unless changed. This tool aims to optimize content performance and is currently available on mobile, with the potential for AI-driven caption and thumbnail generation in the future.

Creators can now access more comprehensive data on their content's performance over a 90-day period, compared to the previous 28-day limit. New insights include a Reel's performance relative to other videos, viewer retention metrics, and view counts that consider replays.

Additionally, Meta has added a feature allowing creators to create Reels from their existing video clips, expanding the options for content creation.

To incentivize creators, Meta introduced an "Achievements hub" on the Professional Dashboard, offering rewards and badges for specific behaviors and post types. Completing all Progression levels can potentially lead to increased visibility in users' feeds or the "Rising Creator" label on their profiles.

Meta is also simplifying content management by consolidating all posts, Reels, and videos in one place on the Professional Dashboard, making it easier for creators to manage their content and analyze its performance. Additionally, new Reels metrics and insights have been added to provide a more detailed understanding of content engagement and reach on the platform.

Sources: MediaPost, Social Media Today, The Verge

Additional Prompts

Disney is set to become the sole owner of Hulu by buying out Comcast’s remaining 33 percent stake. Disney expects to pay approximately $8.61 billion for the deal, though the final amount will be determined after an appraisal that will be wrapping up sometime next year. Read more

Google has released a set of generative AI product imagery tools for advertisers in the U.S. With the new, AI-powered Product Studio, merchants and advertisers will be able to create product images with simple text prompts. The tools also enable marketers to add small business attributes on Search and Google Maps, and show more helpful business information. Read more

Google Registry has announced a new top-level domain ‘.ing’ which can be registered as part of an early access program. The company said: “This top-level domain is ready for whatever you’re interested in, whether it’s mak.ing a fun website, giv.ing to a good cause, design.ing something beautiful or edit.ing an existing document. If you’re go.ing on an adventure, ink.ing a tattoo, enjoying a dumpl.ing or adapt.ing to something new, ‘.ing’ is ready for action. So who’s already on .ing?” Google Registry is also rumoured to be working on a .meme top-level domain. Read more

TikTok has announced a new integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which will enable TikTok advertisers to easily transfer the leads generated by their marketing campaigns directly to Salesforce, making it easier to action relevant data and insights. Read more

The Beatles’ final song ‘Now and Then’ has been released thanks to AI. Machine learning helped Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr turn an old John Lennon demo into what’s likely the band’s last collaborative effort. Read more

Finally, the abbreviation of artificial intelligence ‘AI’ has been named the “word of the year” for 2023 by the publishers of Collins Dictionary. Lexicographers said use of the term AI has quadrupled this year and “has quickly become as ubiquitous and embedded in our lives as email, streaming or any other once futuristic, now everyday technology." Read more

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