13th October 2023

Weekly Prompt: Google Ads Data Manager and more

Google launches new tool to simplify first-party data management

Google is introducing Google Ads Data Manager, a tool designed to streamline the handling of first-party customer data for digital marketing efforts in the post cookie world. According to Kamal Janardhan, lead of product and measurement at Google Ads, the new tool is designed for marketers to measure ad campaigns that run across Google properties.

The new tool focuses on utilizing first-party data, allowing marketers to import their own data, such as sales information, and match it with Google's data to assess campaign performance. It also facilitates data integration from customer relationship management platforms like Salesforce.

As privacy regulations restrict the use of third-party cookies and online trackers, first-party data has gained significant importance. Google's decision to phase out third-party cookies on its Chrome web browser adds to the challenges marketers face. With the new tool, marketers can access data from various sources, including Salesforce and Google Ads Data Hub (a measurement and ad analytics platform run by Google), but the ads manager is also open to marketers that use other measurement services.

Google plans a full launch of Ads Data Manager in 2024, beginning with core features like conversion measurement and customer list activation within Google Ads. Support for more advertising products like YouTube will follow.

Sources: AdAge, MediaPost, Search Engine Journal

Additional prompts

Google has announced a new AI image generation tool, hot on the heels of OpenAI's release of DALL-E 3 and Microsoft's Bing Image Creator. Google's AI-powered search experiment, dubbed SGE, now has its own AI image generating tool which is powered by Google's ‘Imagen’ text-to-image diffusion models. Users with access to SGE can describe an image they want, and within seconds it will give them four to choose from. Read more

Adobe has developed a new “Content Credentials” icon that will be embedded into the metadata of content created using Adobe software and other partner’ platforms. The aim is to improve transparency and trust across photos and videos created or edited with AI. When someone hovers over the “CR” icon, they’ll see information about when the image was created, who created it and the AI software used. Read more

Threads is rolling out one of the most requested features – an edit option. Users will be able to edit posts for up to five minutes after publishing.  Additionally, audio messages or ‘Voice Threads’ will soon be coming to the app. Read more

Meta is adding Reels ads updates ready for the holiday season. It is adding Collections Ads for Facebook Reels, which are already available on IG. It is also testing new Multi-Destination Reels Carousel Ads and adding a new “Swipe Left” functionality for Facebook and Instagram Reels ads .There are also music optimizations as well as brand-suitability updates.  Read more

TikTok is making changes to its Effect Creator Rewards program which will include a lower threshold to join, and a new payment structure. The program will also expand to creators in Brazil, Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Read more

TikTok also announced a new API that lets users post directly from approved third-party apps. Early partners for the Direct Post API include Adobe and Twitch. Read more

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