26th January 2024

Weekly Prompt: BeReal welcomes brands and celebs and other news

BeReal is welcoming brands and celebrities to the app

BeReal, the unapologetically unglamorous social media platform, is introducing features to attract brands and celebrities and boost engagement.

Starting 6th February, BeReal is inviting brands and celebrities to join under the official titles of "RealBrands" or "RealPeople." This expands on BeReal's RealPeople feed, which was initially tested since May last year. It aims to showcase celebrities as relatable individuals with unfiltered, unedited, and unscripted moments.

Launched in 2020 as the "anti-Instagram app," BeReal encourages users to post one unfiltered daily glimpse into their lives, fostering a more realistic representation of self. With around 25 million daily active users, BeReal, especially popular among U.S. teens, has seen an increase from 20 million last August but remains notably below its reported peak of 73 million users.

BeReal encourages brands and celebrities to share behind-the-scenes content not typically seen on other social platforms, reinforcing its commitment to authenticity. Users can engage with this content by becoming "RealFans," enabling them to tag and potentially have their posts reshared by the brands and celebrities.

While BeReal emphasizes that its focus will always be on friends and close connections, the inclusion of brands and celebrities prompts speculation about the platform's exploration of revenue avenues, possibly through ads. However, BeReal assures users that the introduction of RealBrands and RealPeople will not compromise its mission. The application process for a RealBrand or RealPeople account is selective, outlined within the BeReal app.

Following the February 6 launch, the company plans to continuously add RealPeople to the app. A survey will allow the public to suggest who they'd like to see on the platform.

Sources: MediaPost, Social Media Today, Zdnet

Additional Prompts

Fortnite and the Epic Games Store are returning to iOS in Europe, four years after leaving iOS.  The return is due to changes Apple is making to iOS in the EU In an effort to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Read more

Instagram is testing a new feature called “Flipside” that lets users create a private side to their profile for sharing personal content exclusively with close friends. Essentially, Flipside creates a secondary, more private account with a different name, details, and profile picture. This separate space includes photos, reels, and stories visible only to approved accounts. Read more

Meta has upgraded its Brand Rights Protection suite, to help brands safeguard against intellectual property violations. This includes an Intellectual Property Reporting Center for submitting copyright and trademark complaints and enhanced Rights Manager for improved image content management and protection. Read more

Netflix is discontinuing its cheapest ad-free plan, starting with the UK and Canada in the second quarter of the year. The move follows the company's decision to limit the $11.99 Basic subscription in the US and UK since July, leaving users with a de-facto price increase, as the next cheapest ad-free plan is priced at $15.49 a month. Read more

TikTok is testing 30-minute uploads as it looks to expand its content options. The platform has gradually increased its maximum post limit, starting from 15 seconds, and reaching 10 minutes in 2022, with a recent experiment allowing 15-minute uploads last October. Read more

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