16th February 2024

Weekly Prompt: Apple's AI revolution and other news

Apple's AI advancements set to challenge Microsoft's Copilot

Apple is intensifying its focus on AI by developing a new software tool aimed at app developers, positioning itself to compete more fiercely with Microsoft, according to a report by Bloomberg. This tool, slated for release as part of the next major version of Xcode, Apple’s main programming software, uses AI to predict and complete segments of code, akin to Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot. The goal is to streamline the programming process, potentially saving time and resources.

In addition to code completion, Apple is exploring AI applications for generating code to test apps, a typically laborious task. The company is internally testing these AI features to ensure their efficacy before rolling them out to external developers.

This push into generative AI aligns with Apple's broader strategy to catch up with competitors in the AI domain. While Apple has not yet disclosed its full AI plans, an announcement is anticipated later in the year, possibly during its annual developers conference in June.

Upcoming software updates, including iOS and iPadOS 18, are expected to showcase significant AI enhancements, codenamed Crystal. Additionally, AI features are slated for the next version of macOS, codenamed Glow, though Apple plans a gradual integration of AI advancements over time.

Apple is also reportedly looking at potential uses for generative AI in consumer-facing products, automating tasks such as playlist creation in Apple Music, slideshows in Keynote, and enhancing systemwide search features like Spotlight. The company is leveraging large language models (LLMs) to power these AI tools, aiming to improve user experiences across various services and applications.

Competition in the AI space is mounting, with rivals like Samsung incorporating Google AI features into its products. Nevertheless, Apple remains committed to advancing its AI capabilities, particularly in areas such as Siri and customer support services.

Sources: Bloomberg, Business Insider, The Verge

Additional prompts

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YouTube now lets you integrate music videos into your Shorts. The company announced a range of new music remix options for Shorts, which comes just as TikTok loses access to tracks from Universal Music due to a payments dispute. The four remix options are Sound, Collab, Green Screen and Cut. Read more

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