4th May 2023

Tech-savvy Marketers in Hong Kong Mix it Up to Create Unforgettable Customer Experiences

According to recent data, a significant percentage of Hong Kong's population is well-versed in mixed reality (XR) technology concepts, at a whopping 80%. However, what's intriguing is the noticeable discrepancy in awareness levels between virtual and augmented reality, with only 43% of individuals. 

Given this, companies are working to harness XR technology's potential to engage with consumers. The ultimate question is how consumers want to be engaged. Research shows being informative and supportive is one of the preferred ways to drive adoption.

In the property agency category, we can see a prime example of how Covid has affected businesses. Midland Property, a leading company in this category and a valued client of Mindshare, experienced a 50% decrease in appointment-based property viewing. However, with the help of innovative mixed reality technology, potential buyers can now enjoy 360º experiences of properties without having to be physically present. This technology allows for 3D scanning of properties using a 4K cinematic camera, and with just one click on the phone, transporting buyers are transported to the center of the property. Professional agents can also provide live guides and chat support through a real-time screen and voice sync. 

Furthermore, an AI engine analysed how the users interacted with the VR Tour to identify their preferences, predict what would be their dream flat, and model the preferences through machine learning to deliver personalised flat suggestions to wider audiences, successfully turning VR Tour into the springboard to digitise the whole property hunting process. The property agency achieved a significant milestone with over 1 million VR tours completed, resulting in an average engagement time of 13 minutes per tour - equivalent to 25 years of property viewing. 

Mixed reality (XR) creates immersive and interactive experiences for potential buyers or renters in the real estate industry, offering a personalized and engaging way to explore properties. It also elevates the overall customer experience with an engaging personal experience.

Immersive technology opens new and exciting avenues for businesses to engage customers and offers a truly unforgettable experience. From luxury brands to the service industry, companies leverage XR technology to create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact. By adopting immersive technology, businesses are enhancing the customer experience and driving tangible results.

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