8th October 2021

POV: YouTube Shoppable CTV Ads


YouTube is expanding its video action campaigns to connected TVs making YouTube ads more shoppable.

Details and Implications:

Google announced on Monday that it is becoming more shoppable by introducing video action campaigns on TV screens. Video action campaigns are one of Google’s interactive ad types for video which combine inventory from across Google and YouTube partners - with Connected TV now joining the line-up.

When viewers see a video action campaign on their TV, they are invited through a URL at the bottom of their screen to continue shopping on the brand’s website from their desktop or mobile device - without interrupting their viewing session. The ads are now available to brands globally via Google Ads. Advertisers will be able to measure the effectiveness in real-time using Google’s Conversion Lift tool which provides information on website visits, sign ups and purchases.

In early tests of the latest ad format, Romana Pawar, Director of Product Management for YouTube ads said in a blog post that: “over 90% of conversions coming from CTV would not have been reachable on mobile and desktop devices.”

Also according to Pawar: “more people are choosing to experience YouTube on the big screen. When they do, they can watch longer, enjoy multiple shows back-to-back and experience it all from the comfort of their couch with friends and family.”

YouTube is shifting its focus from computer and mobile screens to TV screens as more and more viewers are choosing to watch YouTube content on their TV screens, with 120 million Americans streaming YouTube or YouTube TV from their TV screens in December 2020. Google first announced that it planned to make its connected TV ads more shoppable in May this year as younger users in particular like to watch videos and engage while they shop.

YouTube and other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have already invested in live shopping and new video-based shopping features. The new CTV shoppable ads are another addition to the mix.


YouTube making more of its content shoppable is intended to increase the opportunities for driving sales and growth for brands. With streaming behaviour changing over the last 18 months, it gives brands and advertisers yet another way to reach consumers.

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