15th December 2020

POV Book 2020/2021

We’ve collected together a whole year of Mindshare ‘Point of View’ articles to give you a complete picture of how the industry evolved in 2020.

2020 was an unprecedented year with the global pandemic changing the way we live our lives. Ecommerce boomed as people adapted to nationwide lockdowns and a ‘new normal’ and many platforms introduced new ecommerce capabilities. We saw Instagram Shop, Facebook Shops, Pinterest Shop Tab and Google Shoploop all enter the scene, giving brands opportunities to sell to consumers via alternative platforms. Virtual live events took off as in-person events were cancelled and streaming platforms expanded; new streaming platforms such as HBO Max were launched and Twitch expanded away from its gaming heartland into more mainstream content, including Twitch Watch Parties. We also saw the rise in short-form video across major social media platforms as they all raced to compete with the increasingly popular TikTok, resulting in Instagram’s launch of Reels, YouTube Shorts and Snapchat’s Spotlight feed.

All POVs are written ‘in the moment’ and were correct at the time of writing. Things change fast in this industry, so we’ve also given you some trends to look out for in 2021 that we think will matter to your business as we continue to live a ‘new normal’.

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