19th November 2021

Mindshare's New Normal Tracker reveals pandemic habits are here to stay and the great resignation is happening

Lockdown behaviours are now translating into habits in the New Normal. That being said, there also seems to be a shift happening, the great resignation is a real thing and people are expecting more from their workplace as they move on. Overall, people are happier than they have been since the start of the pandemic, but media is still the source of solace and refuge for those who are overwhelmed and scared. Here’s the latest insights from Mindshare’s New Normal Tracker Wave 3.

Pandemic habits here to stay

56% of consumers globally say that their media consumption has permanently changed as a result of the pandemic. If we take shopping as an example, 51% of consumers spend more time researching purchases than they used to, 51% plan more purchases online than they used to and 49% of consumers say that online shopping is now their preferred way of buying. This means that the rise in ecommerce is here to stay even with in person retail being back in many markets.

The great resignation is happening

Even though habits learned over the course of lockdowns seem to be here to stay, there also appears to be a major shift in people moving jobs and even industries. 31% of people globally are looking for new jobs, with the main reason globally being a need to increase income (22%) but with flexible working being important in China (31%), Singapore (31%) and India (39%). And, unsurprisingly, 7% of people globally are moving jobs to be able to bring their dogs to work.

Happiness on the rise

Despite the great resignation suggesting that people are unhappy in their current situations, happiness levels are on the rise across the world and 67% of people are finding happiness in the little things they do every day and 63% of consumers are reflecting on what is important. There is also a rise in people stating happiness as one of the emotions they are feeling at the moment, up to 31% from 27% in Wave 1 of the study.

Positive feelings are prevailing but there are still underlying concerns about the pandemic, the biggest concern currently is not knowing when it will end (42%). This is particularly prevalent now with rising cases across many markets in Europe. Media is very much still a source of solace for those who are overwhelmed and scared, 51% of people globally look for content that helps them to escape reality with this rising to 65% amongst people who feel scared and 63% amongst people who are feeling overwhelmed.

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