8th July 2022

Mindshare launches industry-first campaign measurement solution to drive Good Growth

New York, Miami, London, Singapore, Shanghai, July 8th 2022: Mindshare, the media services company that is part of WPP, is driving Good Growth for clients on Facebook and Instagram using a new measurement solution called Impact Zoom that addresses one of the key challenges facing brands today - understanding how creative drives business outcomes in isolation from media placement.

The new solution uses Machine Learning to analyze various elements and strategies behind an ad such as objective, targeting, placement type and position, creative format, and quality ranking, to predict ad recall lift potential and assess the quality of the creative for any campaign. The system then isolates the specific impact of the media and creative selections and identifies drivers of the ad performance. The results are then benchmarked against verticals to add valuable context.

Traditionally, creative testing has been done without the context of media placement, which prevents advertisers from understanding how their different creative really drives business outcomes. Impact Zoom allows for greater visibility into what drives digital creative performance on the platform. In addition, qualitative expertise sourced from WPP’s creative and media experts adds additional context and enriches learnings for future recommendations, including expanding Marketing Mix Modeling learnings with an additional layer of campaign insights beyond Meta.

The new solution, which uses proprietary algorithms, was designed by Mindshare and builds on the foundations of Meta’s existing solutions for Facebook, using a combination of Machine Learning signals and qualitative methods.

It also builds upon an Analyst Exchange program, which saw a team of Data Scientists and analysts from both Meta and Mindshare collaborating for 3 months at Meta’s London office and across the world, with experts from New York, Istanbul and London taking part. This program focused on a Facebook lift meta-analysis analyzing over 800 brand and conversion lift studies run by Mindshare, to uncover key success factors and best practices to help drive brand and conversion lift on the Facebook platform. This was one of the largest combined brand lift and conversion lift studies of Facebook advertising of any agency, and the learnings from this study are now embedded in the Impact Zoom solution as a foundational basis for future analysis.

Shane McAndrew, Global Data Strategy and Analytics Officer, Mindshare, said: “Impact Zoom helps our clients uncover new opportunities for additional synergies between creative and media and identifies levers to ensure enhanced future performance for their ads. It is a great example of collaboration between Mindshare and Meta solutions, and the performance improvements they deliver to help businesses grow and maximize their investments on Facebook and Instagram.”

Impact Zoom follows the launch by Mindshare of Precisely Human Intelligence, a set of new machine learning tools intended to help advertisers better understand the ‘motivations, mindsets and emotions’ of target audiences by combining empathy and precision through a deeper understanding of human identity connected to first party data.

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