1st November 2023

Mindshare Day 2023: A Global Promptathon to drive Good Growth in an AI World

Today at Mindshare we celebrate our 26th birthday and we are using this special day to explore the possibilities that AI can bring to media.

Using a combination of different AI platforms, a global ‘Promptathon’ is taking place across 86 markets and 116 offices in 6 continents, exploring the power that AI has to revolutionise how we deliver growth for our clients.

“Much of the hype around AI has been in the activation and optimization of media, however, we have seen wonderful pockets of a more strategic use of this innovation rise up from within our network,” says Tom Di Sapia, Mindshare Global Chief Strategy Officer.  

“Today is an opportunity to celebrate and scale our ingenuity in AI, using our collective minds and ability to harness the right prompts and make creative leaps from the more obvious answers. We’ll find new ways to grow our clients' businesses that wouldn't have been possible before. New insights into categories, new behaviours for our audiences and all at greater speed and scale." 

Mindshare will focus on how AI connects into planning and strategic processes across multiple different touchpoints, including:

  • How AI algorithms can analyse large datasets to identify eco-friendly media channels, placements, and partners, helping clients make more sustainable media investments. 
  • How AI facilitates faster collaboration between stakeholders by streamlining communication, automating routine tasks, and freeing up time to generate better insights that inform our actions. 
  • Or how AI-powered content analysis can help ensure that ads are placed in brand-safe and contextually relevant environments, promoting ethical advertising practices.

The possibilities are only limited by our own imagination, and by harnessing the power of AI, 

Mindshare will continue to drive innovation, deepen partnerships, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Happy Mindshare Day!

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