Marmite: SpoilerMite

Marmite tapped into the giant Game Of Thrones fan base during its 7th season driving earned media and growing the social media following for Marmite in the process. SpoilerMite - The GOT Spoiler Blocker helped Marmite truly win the "Game of Brands" in the 7th season.


Marmite Sri Lanka’s social media channels have a cult following of fans due to its unconventional takes on all trending social media conversations based on it’s Love-Hate Platform. Marmite with its Global “Either you Love it or Hate It” platform allows Marmite to be present in all “Love It or Hate it moments” on social media. Enter Game of Thrones Season 7: How does Marmite engage with the audience on a deeper level during Game of Thrones Season 7 going beyond just agile content?

Insight and Idea

Spoiler-Mite – A Google Chrome extension from Marmite that acts as a Game Of Thrones spoiler blocker. Fans needed to simply install the extension on their browser to avoid all potential Game Of Thrones spoilers they might come across while browsing online.

The biggest TV show in history was in the middle of its 7th and penultimate season. GOT incites social media conversations in a way that no other franchise could. Another aspect synonymous with GOT is the dreaded SPOILERS that pop up on social media after each major episode. Some people love spoiling the show for others while some have nothing but pure hate for spoilers. Marmite with its platform of “Either you love it or you hate” decided to step in and be a saviour for the haters. By doing this Marmite had the added benefit of changing all possible GOT spoilers into Marmite branding thereby being present wherever GOT was being discussed potentially resulting in LIMITLESS earned media.


Spoiler-Mite works in a similar way to how plugins such as AdBlock work, in that it filters out content from viewers. The content may load, however, the plugin warns you that it may be a spoiler. A slightly transparent interface lets you decide if you “love it” or “hate it”. If you hate the potential spoiler, it is blocked for good. If you love it, then you are allowed to see it. You can customize the plugin by adding extra keywords to be blocked, or if you are brave enough, by reducing the keywords. You can switch the plugin on and off whenever convenient.

Promoting the tool was done through posts on Facebook with agile content used especially during the highly publicized GOT episode leaks.


The ingenuity of the solution helped Marmite expand its follower base by 35% organically within 3 weeks by attracting GOT fans into the cult social media movement of Marmite SL. On top of this installs of the plugin created immeasurable amounts of earned media with Marmite branding appearing above all potential spoilers. As ingenious as the idea was the development of the software was simple. Investment was only a paltry $300 (USD). Budget for promoting installs of the app was $1000 (USD).

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