Honest Eggs Co: FitChix

How eggs became the media for our message to show people how free and healthy Honest Eggs Co. chickens really are

Credits:  VMLY&R | Mindshare | GroupM | BCW

‘Free range’ is the most popular egg category in Australia, making up 47% of total retail sales. Everyday consumers automatically buy ‘Free Range’ eggs because they believe this to be the ethical choice. What consumers don’t realise, is that the ‘Free Range’ label is used by egg farms with up to 10,000 chickens per hectare.

At Honest Eggs Co. we only have 30 chickens per hectare. Our method of regenerative farming is less wasteful, reduces stress on the land, and is better for the chickens. We just needed more people to know it. We needed to engage the sensibilities of our target audience who’ve been led to believe that ‘Free Range’ eggs are the most ethical choice on the supermarket shelf. What if we could create a better egg showing them the conditions it was farmed in?’  

 Our objective was to bring honesty to the egg industry. We set out to accomplish this by creating conversation, increasing our customer base and increasing stockists of our product. 

 With the rise of wearable fitness devices and health metric tracking, consumers know what a good daily step count is.  What if we could capture this commonly understood data from our chickens and share this with our customers?  

The idea was to print our chickens’ daily step counts onto our eggs. By innovating our product into a media first, customers can see how free they really are. 

Introducing ‘FitChix’: the world’s first step counter for chickens. With hen-friendly materials, custom software, and GPS tracking, we monitored a select group of chickens’ daily step counts. By replacing the farm code on every egg sold in Australia with their step count, we delivered our message directly to consumers, allowing them to see how free our chickens are and make informed choices at the point-of-purchase. 

 We launched the first ‘eggs with steps’ with bespoke campaign packaging, which were distributed to 362 stores across Australia. These innovative eggs are now a permanent feature of every egg sold by the company. 

 To drive traffic to stores, we ran a targeted integrated campaign across social and OOH in proximity to key retail stores. An earned media strategy saw our farmer booked for 7 national broadcast interviews.  We made our chickens famous and even put their workouts on Strava.  

The FitChix campaign has completely reframed how people think about eggs. We’ve empowered consumers to make more sustainable egg purchases, greatly increased our presence in stores and propelled the business forward.

+493% increase in online conversation. 

38 million earned PR reach – connecting with over 148% of the Australian population.

40% increase in orders which maxed out available supply.

Sales revenue increased 25%.

+222% new stockist applications.

45,00+ happy chickens


Awards & recognition
Cannes Lions 2023
Cannes Lions 2023 Silver Lion: Media - Food & Drink