FCAS: #standuptojewishhate

Jewish people represent 2.4% of the U.S. population but are victims of 55% of religious hate crimes.

And yet over half of Americans (52%) don’t believe “antisemitism is a big problem” 45% believe Jewish people are “more than capable of handling issues of antisemitism on their own.” The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism’s (FCAS) mission is to help address the hate against Jews in the U.S.

In order to build allies in addressing the hate, we needed people to realize the size of the problem.

How do you get people to care about a problem they barely believe exists? Use data to make it impossible to argue with

We decided to put those data points front and centre.

To contextualize the small size of the population, we used a blue square to take over 2.4% of all screens in our paid media, representing the size of the US Jewish population. We then started a movement on social media prompting people to share the  emoji

in their posts to further spread awareness of the size of Jewish hate.

The appeared on tv shows, networks, OOH, and social — quickly going from just a visualization of the problem to a symbol of advocacy already on every smartphone.

The execution created impact and drove immediate action. It started with dimensionalizing how antisemitism goes unnoticed.

Our  first showed up, unannounced on the The Voice, taking up 2.4% of screens. Many viewers didn’t even notice it until talent called attention to the proving our point.

They then explained the disparity between 2.4% of the population, receiving 55% of religious hate crimes.

We also need to make our message contextually relevant. Since 70% of Jews experience hate online we prompted users to add the (always representing 2.4% of any screen) onto social profiles and posts.

114 non social influencers fuelled the conversation with support and shared experience.



5B media impressions

Trended organically on Twitter 2x during launch week Engagement on TikTok +510% higher than platform average


130,000+ requests for pins

854k+ visits to site

Behavioral shift:

33% increase in likelihood to speak up on behalf of Jewish people

11% increase in agreement that doing nothing when hearing / seeing antisemitism is not okay


113 unpaid posts from government leaders and celebrities

Awards & recognition
Cannes Lions 2023
Cannes Lions 2023 Silver Lion: Media - Media Planning

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