1st June 2020

Why now is a make-or-break moment for brands

Mark Read, chief executive officer at WPP, shares three ways brands can prepare for a post-pandemic world and how his teams are helping clients navigate in the midst of COVID-19 and plan for the road ahead.

Editor’s note: This piece was written and published before the current Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Excerpt: Be Visible. People clearly expect brands to be visible right now. A survey conducted by our agency Mindshare found that 71% of Americans want to hear how brands or companies are taking action against COVID-19. And our data shows those brands that stay visible during a crisis rebound faster and stronger, and can increase market share by three times.

According to the same survey, 65% of people believe brands should commit to making society better. Ninety-three percent of consumers want brands to step up and help the most vulnerable and affected communities, like the elderly, the unemployed, and front-line workers. Brands can start by identifying the intersection of their purpose and the immediate needs of society, and then focus their efforts there.

For more insights from Mindshare and Mark, read the full article on Think with Google.

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