8th June 2021

Wave 20: Hope, caution, and time outdoors

Wave 20 of our ongoing research, which examines how COVID-19 is affecting consumer behaviors, media consumption, and more, took place W/C May 28, with 905 participants.

Some key insights and takeaways from the research:

  • Hope is the prevailing feeling for Americans, both about the current state of COVID and for life post-pandemic. While Americans are still concerned about another wave and the economy, as the summer starts optimism is increasing as they expect to return to a sense of normalcy this year. Americans expect to have more freedom while going outdoors and expect to not have to wear a mask, to go to live events, and to travel.
  • Vaccinated Americans continue to be cautious while going out and about – still preferring to wear a mask while in public despite agreeing that restrictions for vaccinated people should be lifted. While those who are vaccine-hesitant are more likely to be going out as much as possible and generally are more risk-averse.  
  • Americans believe the effects of COVID-19 will continue to impact society long after it is gone. While pre-covid activities that were on pause will resume (like shopping in store, going about without a mask, etc.), Americans are still prioritizing saving money and choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Media has been an integral part of Americans' lives during the pandemic, but as more people are vaccinated, Americans plan to spend more time outdoors than living on screens and indoors this summer. 

Get more details in our latest infographic.

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