17th December 2020

Wave 18: Vaccines, priorities for 2021, and more

Wave 18 of our POOL research, which examines how COVID-19 is affecting consumer behaviors, media consumption, and more, took place W/C December 4, with 1,017 participants.

Some key insights from the research:

  • As Americans enter the last month of 2020, they’re still feeling frustrated, stressed, and scared about COVID-19 especially as cases are rising across the country. The most urgent issue for Americans continues to be the continual spread. However, there’s growing hope due to the positive news surrounding the potential vaccines.
  • In the past month with news of COVID-19 vaccine approval and upcoming distribution, more Americans believe that the state of COVID-19 will be better in 2021. Majority of Americans say they will take the vaccine when it becomes available and believe in prioritizing who gets access first. Unaided brand awareness has also increased due to the vaccine, as many consumers specifically call out the work Pfizer is doing.
  • The past nine months during the pandemic, the top channels have been digital and top genres have been related to news (political or local) and economy. Beyond COVID-related content, Americans report turning most towards comedy and gaming recently. As the holidays approach more Americans are shopping online and watching movies at home.
  • Americans report significant stress related to being worried of getting sick with COVID, not being able to live life as usual, and feeling uncertain when the pandemic will be over. Financial issues are felt for many and the US economy continues to be an urgent concern. Though it’s been a challenging and stressful year, Americans feel grateful for being able to stay safe and healthy, connecting with friends/family virtually, and making it to the end of the year.

Get more details in our latest infographic below.

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