6th January 2022

Shifting priorities from technology to consumers

Content and commerce - two buzz words of the pandemic. And rightfully so as they are both at the heart of consumers favorite activities, shopping and entertaining content.

As you would expect, the core piece of the discussion at the CES Content to Commerce: How Technology Flipped the Customer Experience was around how technology fits into our world without disrupting the consumer commerce experience. No small feat, to say the least!

When we begin to think about technology within the realm of content and commerce, we immediately jump to peoples' experience. Not surprisingly, all panelists agreed this is critical with Edward Kummer, Chief Digital Officer, General Motors who said 'we must serve all customers however they want to be served and let them be at the center.' Cara Sylvester, EVP Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, Target, also explained how their loyalty program was a lifeline to their guests during the pandemic. It offered Target the data and technology necessary to provide the consumer with the most personalized, meaningful experience, confirming the consumer truly is at the center of our business as marketers.

What was most interesting is the two additional areas that are also critical to success with consumers and online shopping. First, many panelists mentioned their employees, ‘taking care of the back of the store.’ Instacart is one who quickly had to innovate in early 2020 as they were a lifeline for consumers but they would not fulfill orders that were not up to their quality standards as a business. Lastly, the technology invested in cannot provide greater operational breakdown, or the consumer journey becomes a moot point. 

The one area that was not discussed in detail is the actual technology that will keep marketers at pace with consumer habits, but one message is clear, progress over perfection as consumer’s mindsets change daily, if not hourly.

Written by Jaime Martin, Group Director, Shopper

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