27th November 2023

Weekly Prompt: Google Bard understands YouTube videos now and more

New Google Bard AI enhancements will help it better understand YouTube videos

Google has rolled out a substantial upgrade to its Bard AI chatbot giving it the ability to comprehend and respond to specific inquiries about the content of YouTube videos. This development allows users to engage in and have richer conversations with Bard, delving into detailed information about their preferred videos before hitting the play button.

The company said of the update: "We're taking the first steps in Bard's ability to understand YouTube videos... We've heard you want deeper engagement with YouTube videos. So, we're expanding the YouTube Extension to understand some video content so you can have a richer conversation with Bard about it."

Previously, Bard's YouTube Extension primarily aided the discovery of specific videos. However, with this expansion, Bard is capable of taking in the whole video and summarizing it, or users can ask Bard intricate questions related to the content of the videos. For instance, if users are watching a cooking tutorial, they can inquire about specific details, such as the number of eggs required in a recipe, even before the video starts.

Additionally, this enhanced Bard AI could be leveraged by businesses and content creators to analyze video content for marketing insights, audience engagement patterns, and content optimization strategies.

This latest development is part of Google's continuous efforts to augment Bard's capabilities. Recent upgrades extended Bard's reach to various Google services, including Flights, Maps, Drive, Docs, Gmail, and YouTube browser extensions. Additionally, users now have tools to cross-verify the chatbot's responses, and a new Assistant with Bard, integrating Google's personal assistant and generative AI, was introduced. Additionally, Google recently expanded access to Bard for teenagers, allowing them to seek inspiration, discover new hobbies, and find solutions to everyday problems.

Sources: Mashable, Search Engine Journal, TechCrunch

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