20th February 2023

Our latest M&S campaign

'Love your Boobs, it starts with a bra fit'

The Big Idea:
We are proud to have collaborated with The Diversity Standards Collective (DSC) on this empowering campaign for our client, M&S. Working with the DSC helped us gain an understanding of three core communities: black, transgender, and disabled people, who felt underrepresented when it came to their lingerie and bra-fitting needs.

Talking to these communities, we gained a deeper understanding of their relationship with their boobs, what they are looking for from the industry, how they are represented, and finally, what their opinions of M&S were.

Surveys and panel discussions were undertaken to get a full understanding of their feelings and what more we could do. Our ambition was to translate these learnings and findings into our bra fit campaign.

The Challenge:
While M&S has completed over a million bra fits for their customers, there remains an unease about the process, accessibility, and expertise of their teams. We needed to show that we were the one-stop shop for all bra fitting needs for every type of boob. 

The Results:
After conducting the research, we identified a deeper impact on the communities. We took the learnings and worked with the DCS to feed this into M&S corporate comms, product development and staff training. We wanted to ensure that representation and accessibility flowed through every part of their business and not just represented in their campaigns. What started as work for campaign insights, led to a much deeper understanding and impact on their business. M&S is much more confident in its representation, and as a result, the activity fully represents all boobs, shapes, and sizes with a stand-out activation of an artist-created boob cast featuring a multitude of different women’s breasts (including the Marketing Director), which will be live on the South Bank this month. 

This campaign demonstrated that being truly responsible with representation can have a significant and lasting impact on consumer perceptions and NPD.

Read more about the campaign here

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