14th June 2022

Good Growth

Growth is changing. Global digital platforms have more users than countries have citizens and have united and empowered consumers to demand more from brands – more transparency; more value; more action and more authenticity.

This is the era of Good Growth…are you ready to grow?


Good Growth is already impacting corporate strategy with businesses under increased scrutiny from investors measuring their performance against Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. Research also increasingly shows the link between Good Growth strategies and increased sales growth. Read the research here.

In our recent ‘Power Dynamics’ global study across 47 markets we found Good Growth strategies clearly connecting with consumers - 63% of consumers would rather buy from brands & companies with caring, ethical and transparent practices; 51% prefer global companies that play an active part in their local community and 48% have recently switched to buying environmentally friendly products. Read our study here.

Products / Services

Driving Good Growth needs a new way of understanding people and how you connect with them to drive growth in the Platform Age. For this we use Precisely Human Intelligence – which balances and integrates accuracy - the ability to deliver predictable outcomes at scale through data - and empathy - unparalleled imagination & insight into consumer motivations. This intelligence allows us to help our clients use their media with intention to meet that changing consumer demand.

Products and services specifically designed for the Good Growth era include:

Inclusion PMPs

Private Marketplaces (PMPs) that direct investment into community journalism from marginalised groups that are often defunded by aggressive keyword exclusion lists.


Intentional Planning

A framework that uses media to change the world by connecting brand purpose with business goals through intentional use of media.



Using medical-grade EEG (electroencephalogram) and GSR (galvanic skin response) technology to measure second-by-second, non-conscious neurological responses to brand stories and media.


Carbon Calculator

A tool to give clients media plans that are measured not only by reach but also by their carbon footprint.


Data Ethics Compass

A tool to operationalize data ethics that uses a proprietary scoring logic to democratize ethical advertising, allowing advertisers to quickly and consistently evaluate the ethical risk level of data assets and decisions informed by that evaluation.



A modular product suite, empowering marketers to drive sustainable, data-enabled growth. The aim of Choreograph is to help future-focused businesses use their data in ways that meet savvy customers’ expectations while building trust and understanding.



Good Growth is driven by the intentional use of media, which means making conscious decisions on what you say and how you say it through media.

In the US, we’re helping SKYY Vodka grow their business and connect with the LGBTQ community through the creation of a unique Inclusion PMP that ensures queer journalism is funded and not marginalised. READ MORE


Research shows that when voice shopping on Amazon, 85% of customers select Alexa’s recommendation. We saw an opportunity to make Cheerios in the US the one and only choice of cereal, on a platform that skews towards habitual purchases. READ MORE

In China, we helped KFC, a pioneer in the eSports world, transform itself from a sponsor into an organic stakeholder in this world, creating value for consumers, driving sales and increasing purchase frequency. READ MORE

We are helping Dove to deepen its relationship with women in Sweden and to save lives through an innovative partnership with Snapchat that helps women perform self-checks for breast cancer. READ MORE

And we are working with Dove Men to break down stereotypes that are a barrier to equity and inclusion by changing the way Black men are seen and treated in society – partnering with some of the world’s most high profile black sports stars and showing how they have been impacted by negative stereotypes in order to inspire every man to care for himself in line with the brand's mission.

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