Sustainability POVs

Surviving and Thriving through Sustainability

Written by Katharina Paulini 

In an era where technology has sped everything up, we’re forced to adapt all the time. You can and should embrace what’s happening now, but you also have to be aware of what’s coming up next. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to reach 1 million people at once, so we need to make sure to make an emotional connection with them.

With this is mind, companies have to believe in disruption and try not to get too comfortable in one place. Instead of trying to buy people’s attention, you should own them. We need to make people feel something and work at the speed of culture in order to stay on top of our game.

You as a company must stay true to your right purpose and deliver this message to the consumer. You will end up not only surviving but thriving. And for the purpose of remaining this relevance you nothing less than staying true to your story is being required.

Always remember how you define your core and what drives you. In this fast-moving environment, you can’t avoid being challenged. 

But also think a little bit further. Other than sustainable products and recyclable packaging the sustainability starts already within the company. Changing to completely renewable energy within the supply chain is just another step to consider. In addition to that, the purpose of the company lives in every single one of us.

If we cannot provide a healthy business, we certainly cannot deliver our purpose we want to reach our audience with.