POV: GoPro Licensing - Pro Am Content For All

Mindshare Point of View:

Last week, GoPro announced the launch of its new content licensing portal offering its creative community the chance to sell content to “global advertising brands and agencies.” With this move, GoPro is entering into a wellestablished market, with players ranging from ShutterStock and Getty, to the slightly more niche/creative communities of 500px and Vimeo. All of which already have GoPro footage available to buy, and with GoPro’s pricing starting at $1,000 for a 6 month license, it’s not going to be cheap!

Besides the fact that the platform is sure to benefit from the ‘Red Bull effect’, and will have some creatives selling-in the idea of licensing content from the platform because it’s ‘cool’. The one thing that GoPro may have is an untapped pool of content producers who are ready and willing to upload content. With an engaged social/digital reach (which most other brands would sell their CEO for) they could look to turn their audience into content producers. By becoming the content monetising platform for the masses, or the new Americas Funniest Home Videos - albeit for a more discerning, creative, and digital-savvy millennial audience with 1080p wearable cameras.

So what does the GoPro Licensing platform offer?

Discovery – Search, filter, and preview content based on metadata, what’s trending, and editors’ picks i.e. all the regular surfacing functions we have come to expect from a well-rounded digital platform.

Download – This area does more than the name may suggest, with a space to preview content and share it with other members of your creative or client team prior to download. Content can also be downloaded for offline viewing, with the addition of watermarking to ensure that pre-licensed content is secure. Other platforms call these areas ‘lightboxes’.

License Request Workflow – GoPro has built a complete rights management element into the platform to handle licensing from start to finish, with all relevant tracking and reporting of the process being automated and made ‘simple’.

The first question we have to ask is – is any of this unique/new? Simply put, the answer is ‘No’. From an agency point of view, however, the question should not be “are we going to use GoPro Licensing?” but “should we use stock footage at all?” Stock footage is notoriously vanilla in nature, and although it seems certain that most of the 600+ videos GoPro Licensing is launching with will live up to the brand’s high octane and stunning aesthetic, you have to wonder – will it be enough for brands to really standout?

There is a lot of conversation around the death of the old creative agency model and the use of stock libraries when it comes to the digital and social content space. One thing is certain, in a world where digital audiences are consuming more and more content on a daily basis, the need sheer demand for content is increasing, as is the desire for that content to be ‘original’.

We should ask the question – “if it only costs me a $1,000 to license this content, is it going to cost that much more for a ‘creator’ to make something unique for me?” Based on the rates for the creators we’ve worked with, you could be pleasantly surprised by the answer.