Mindshare Wins at I-Com Global Summit 2018

Mindshare has brought home some serious hardware from the I-Com Global Summit 2018 that took place this week in San Sebastian, Spain.

I-Com holds an annual Data Science Hackathon, with challenges posted by both Intel and Lufthansa this year. The annual Hackathon focuses on solving real problems and attaining real results. Within the 24-hour marathon, competing teams were tasked with developing algorithms using data science analytics to solve predictive modeling challenges on specific datasets.

Mindshare entered two teams into the Lufthansa challenge:

‘Mindshare International’ was represented by:
Leonardo Reyes,
Ismael Cruz
Robert Webb
Maciej Milewski

‘Mindshare EMEA’ was represented by:
Frederick Moretti
Jean-Benoit Joujoute
Skander Ben Mansour
Lukas Adamis

It’s fair to say we cleaned up!

Mindshare International took the top prize with Mindshare EMEA coming second!

As well as the Data Science Hackathon, I-Com also holds the Data Creativity Awards to celebrate the most creative companies achieving business value and a competitive edge for their clients by leveraging value from data.

Mindshare India won the Emerging Market Regions Category for its work on Krispy, an on-the-go entertainment app from Hindustan Unilever!

Due to Mindshare’s overall excellence we were also awarded the 'Smart Data Agency of the Year' Award with GroupM being named 'Smart Data Agency Network of the Year'.

Congratulations to everyone who participated at the I-Com Global Summit 2018!