Mindshare Singapore bolsters senior management

SINGAPORE – Mindshare Singapore has announced a number of key changes to its senior management. The reshuffle sees two senior hires, Ivan Wong and Eileen Lai, brought in to lead the agency’s key accounts. Charmaine Deng will move to a senior management role working alongside Nick Seckold (CEO, Mindshare Singapore) to drive a number of critical commercial initiatives. 

Charmaine will work with Nick Seckold in a management-focused role. She will support him in shaping the direction of the agency. Over the course of her 16-year career, Charmaine has been a driving force behind the long-term success of Mindshare especially in leading the Yum! account.

Eileen has an extensive background in media communications having worked in a number of media agencies and client marketing roles during her 15-year career. Eileen will manage the teams that work on GSK, YUM!, F&N, Ferrero and Legoland. She worked at Mindshare’s Sydney office for two years where she gained valuable experience working across a diverse range of clients including American Express, Kimberly-Clark, Lenovo and Kellogg’s.

Ivan also has a long and impressive history in media communications and returns to Mindshare to manage the team responsible for Unilever, Rolex, Pepsi and Prudential. Ivan has a great understanding of the dynamism of Singapore and is well positioned to lead his clients through the ever changing landscape after spending time working on brands such as Microsoft, J&J, DBS and AIA to name a few.

Nick Seckold, Mindshare Singapore CEO, said, “I’m excited that both Eileen and Ivan have agreed to be part of the Mindshare family again after starting their careers with us over 10 years ago. It’s testament to our position and reputation in Singapore that they chose to return to Mindshare. I’m also really pleased that Charmaine has agreed to work alongside me in a management-focused role, as her experience in this market is second to none. Over the course of her 16-year career, she has continually delivered outstanding work and has been a driving force behind our clients’ business.”

Ivan replaces Regina Lim who left the agency last month for personal reasons. Eileen Lai replaces Veneeta Ranjan who is moving to a regional role within the agency. Ivan, Eileen and Charm begin their new roles with immediate effect.