Mindshare North America launch “The Loop”

NEW YORK - Mindshare North America today launched "The Loop" - a proprietary operating system that includes a physical space where multiple screens monitor data from over 100 sources in real-time, which is then translated into actionable insights and ultimately rapid marketing decisions - a process the agency has termed "Adaptive Marketing."

"The Loop" is the physical manifestation of a new way of working and thinking about building brands. It is the first tool of its kind to impact not only earned and owned but paid media as well, whereby media dollars can be quickly shifted and redeployed to leverage opportunities uncovered by the data.   

Mindshare North America, CEO, Colin Kinsella says, "We are going into battle to turn around the fortunes of brands and we need to organize ourselves around smart data and a real-time marketing approach."

By auditing a number of different data sources the operating system provides constantly refreshed information on campaign performance. In addition, "The Loop" tracks competitor efforts in paid, owned and earned media as well as trending/viral news, videos and pictures.

"The ability to aggregate and act on data is how brands conduct a two-way dialogue with consumers where brands do as much listening as they do talking to their targets," said Jordan Bitterman, chief strategy officer, Mindshare North America. "By connecting these insights into rapid-fire actions, we create an ongoing conversation with clients...effectively ‘closing the loop' of media."

Mindshare North America has signed agreements with data and analytic companies whose innovations dramatically shorten the time between marketing events and consumer feedback, including: 

  • - The only real-time platform for tracking TV ads, records, tags and tracks activity around national TV commercials. The company measures placement, spend and more on the first screen. Using proprietary technologies, the company is able to correlate explicit connections between TV ad airings and the likes, shares, tweets, votes and comments across Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter happening as a result.
  • Ace Metrix - measures effectiveness for every ad, in real time, by bringing digital technology, analytics, and speed to TV and digital video commercial reporting.
  • Moat -- Real -time digital advertising intelligence platform that provides intelligence and insights for advertisers, publishers, and vendors in the digital advertising ecosystem. Its flagship technology, Moat Pro, identifies ads in real-time via a combination of techniques including: machine learning, logo detection and crowd-sourced human identification.
  • Curalate - measures earned and owned interactions with a brand's visual assets across social channels to identify imagery that resonates with consumers. Brands use Curalate to optimize social engagement, deepen brand loyalty, and drive revenue.

Mindshare North America is combining these leading third party tools with industry leading proprietary media spend and performance tracking and intelligence systems to provide the fastest access to real actionable information and insight to our clients and teams, not possible via just the use of siloed tools.

"Adaptive marketing requires us to have access to the most current data possible. These partners will enable us to monitor, in near real time, paid, owned and earned media activities for our clients and shorten the cycle time between insights and actions," said Mindshare North America's Bob Ivins, their newly added Chief Data Officer.