Mindshare: Kick Off for Real Time Marketing in Austria with The Loop

New Data-Driven approach to Planning for Adaptive Marketing
The Loop Launch Austria
The Loop Launch Austria Team
The Loop Launch Austria
New Data-Driven approach to Planning for Adaptive Marketing

Vienna, June 2014: Numerous business and media partners accepted the invitation from Mindshare, the media agency network that is part of WPP, on July 4th to experience the launch of The Loop on the occasion of the first World Cup quarter-final game # FRAvsGER in the Mindshare Loop Room.

The date was chosen deliberately. Large sporting events such as World Cups are a classic example of convergent media usage. On eight display screens fed with live data from various databases in the fields of CONTEXTUAL, PAID, OWNED and EARNED media, Mindshare created a visual campaign-mode with The Loop during the football match #FRAvsGER demonstrating new ways of enhancing the Adaptive Marketing experience. Specifically for the live presentation Mindshare initiated an online campaign to promote the World Cup Live-Ticker from the daily newspaper The communication objective was to increase the number of users.

The Loop-Session in Detail

Running parallel on the display screens of The Loop were reports from the Live-Ticker KPIs, Google Trends, advertising spending data, social media feeds, the results of mood/opinion analysis and the performance of the campaign for the World Cup Live-Ticker. Christine Antlanger Winter, Chief Digital Officer, Sabine Auer, Director of Business Planning, Jörg Grissenberger, Manager Business Planning and Senior Social Manager René Tomasèl moderated the live session, showed how the real-time data is analyzed and can then be used in real time for tactical and creative campaign optimization.  Mindshare CEO Friederike Müller-Wernhart: "The Loop is an important asset in Adaptive Marketing for us. It's about the immediate, intelligent and synchronous use of data that are simultaneously first made visual and immediately interpretable. We want to optimize our customers' investments and make them more effective. The Loop is a cultural change in the work practices and an extreme live experience. "

Christoph Truppe, Team Leader of The Exchange, summarized the campaign results at the end of the football match. These were achieved by the combination of performance-tracking and various analysis tools in real time and by optimizing the marketing and media activities such as display ads, search ads, Facebook ads and Twitter.

The Loop is the future of Real-Time Marketing

Statistical data fusion was yesterday - The Loop is in the mind and in the room. It's about the fast, intelligent and synchronous use of data that are visualized first and then immediately interpretable. Firstly, the complex data come from the marketing realms of CONTEXTUAL, PAID, EARNED and OWNED channels.  This could be, for example, Google Trends, advertising spending data, social media feeds, results of mood/opinion feeds and the performance of the campaign. Secondly THE LOOP will be held in a data space that is differentiated by a Fire Wall. Multiple screens with dashboards allow the overview of data developments. The insights are developed by an expert panel.


All the visitors agreed on one thing that evening:  Information is used by different people in different situations.  For marketers this means filtering out the correct data, the intelligent analysis and the derivation of recommendations for action. The fact that The Loop runs in the two modes strategy and campaign, communications professionals can plan adaptively and remain successfully on course through changing media and changing consumer perceptions.

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