Mindshare First Global Media Agency to gain accredited 'Actions on Google' Channel Partners status

  • Mindshare already accredited Amazon Skills developer
  • Mindshare Life+, Mindshare’s dedicated IoT unit, working with clients on voice enabled research and development.

London, New York, Singapore 26 July 2017: Mindshare, the global media agency that is part of WPP, has become the first global media agency to gain Channel Partner status for developing ‘Actions on Google’, the term given to apps on the Google Assistant.

Alongside its existing status as a Skills developer for the Amazon Echo, Mindshare is now working with its clients to help them leverage voice services on the two largest platforms in the fastest growing areas of the marketing industry.

Google Assistant and Alexa represent around 95% of the total voice controlled speaker market through Google Home and Echo devices. The switch from touch based control to voice based control represents one of the biggest changes the marketing industry will face in the coming years – for example, when searching for products using voice, only one result will be returned, not a list. This has big implications for how brands ensure they are the ‘one’ result. The interconnection between these devices and other IoT home systems also represents a huge opportunity for brands, helping to provide frictionless services for reordering for example.

Jim Cridlin, Global Head of Innovation at Mindshare said: “Voice enabled technology is in its infancy right now, but the investment from companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple means that consumers will become used to accessing entertainment and services using their voice very quickly. Gaining Channel Partner status on the Google Assistant is important as it allows us to explore the next wave of marketing evolution and do that with one of the biggest voice players in the market”.

Marc Geraghty, Global Agency Business Leader at Google, said: “We’re thrilled that Mindshare has become the first global media agency to gain Channel Partner status for developing ‘Actions on Google’. We look forward to continuing our work with Mindshare and their clients to build an exciting future together on the Google Assistant.”

In June this year Mindshare, in conjunction with J. Walter Thompson, released Speak Easy – a nine-market study into consumer attitudes and uses of voice-enabled technology.

The research found that consumers thought voice-enabled technology would liberate them from having to stare at screens, making their lives better. Work with Neuro-Insight, a leading neuroscience company, also found that voice interactions showed consistently lower levels of brain activity than their touch equivalent, indicating that voice response is less taxing cognitively.

Read and download the full Speak Easy report here.

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