Mindshare Australia Unlocks Native Advertising

Native has been one of the buzzwords of 2014 with hundreds of articles, comments and presentations about the topic. Much of the conversation and coverage has been about the logistics of native; what constitutes native, who is doing it and how brands can get involved. But Mindshare wanted to answer a simple question: does it work?

Mindshare Australia are proud to announce, in partnership with Fairfax Media, the results of an exclusive study into the effects of native advertising on key indicators such as intent and consideration, as well as consumer attitudes to native and other media business models. This is the first study of its kind in the Australian market and is the result of major quantitative and qualitative research, carried out by Mindshare.

The infographic summarises the research carried out by Mindshare Australia and also includes some interesting statistics around native advertising.

Is this research you’d love to share? This infographic is licensed under Creative Common’s and is free to use commercially under attribution of

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