Sustainability POVs

How Moods and Behaviour Can Change Countries

Written by Sofía Tornielli

Ivan Duque is the president of Colombia. He has a point of view which inspired me.

He is a leader who cares about the talent and its role in the economy of a country.

He believes that if every child can find their talent they could take advantage of it. The more talent people, the better industries they get.

I think that this could be translated to a scale economy and could get not only better industries but happier people also.

Happier people is what we need in every country. When I go to work I take the subway at 8:00 AM, and all I see are serious faces.

I know sometimes people have more important priorities rather than getting a job they like, but if every person could have that opportunity, people's mood would change, and everyone could give their best at work. We could become a more competitive country, we could export more talent.

We spend almost a 40% of our day working. If we could spend that time in the best way that would improve the quality life.

This quality life is also reflected on the health, there are diseases that comes from depression, anxiety, and another kind of emotions.

 I really believe that at some point we could achieve a goal like that, we should integrate areas like tech, talent and culture to start a plan like the one which is working in Colombia to start changing the world.