East meets West POVs

Being Human in an A.I. World

Written by Katerina Faktorova 

There is no surprise that China, Japan and the USA are dominating in artificial intelligence (AI). China announced Sofia four years ago. She is learning especially from visual data processing and facial recognition. She imitates human gestures, facial expressions, and is also able to answer many questions from advance defined themes.

Where to and at what speed is AI expanding? How does AI influence our lives? How far are we willing to go in allowing AI into daily lives?

AI has come a long way... from lab to our everyday lives and the business world. For example, progress in healthcare is incredible. AI helps us to recognize diseases and apply treatment with the highest possible accuracy, at a speed which is not possible by humans. Technology is bringing life back to old and disabled people. For example, product and facial recognition tools help them to scan products in shops as well as other people (yes, this means no more lies about our age). Basic aspects of our daily lives suddenly are assisted by Artificial Intelligence, making everything a bit easier.

Some people perceive the progress as a threat. What about our jobs? Isn't AI for lazy people? We live in an unnaturally fast world that is hard to keep up with as mere humans.  AI gives us the opportunity to be faster, more effective and productive, without having to speed up our processing as human beings. Some may say its “lazy,” and others would argue it is down right efficient.  This is how the average person is able to communicate with a computer in our modern world. No knowledge of code is necessary! However, it’s important that we continue to prioritize the education of people. We must be cautious not to rely too much on AI, or else humans will be unable to survive without technology.

AI has made great progress in the movie industry. For example, digital effects are created in real time which allow producers to create faster. Another interesting thing is that actors will be able to return back in time to their younger self.

AI also brings about an ethical problem. With modern technology, it can be that  there is no visual difference between reality and digital picture. This makes manipulation of the people easier through applications of fake news. It makes it hard to recognize the truth. We have to create new laws that regulate how we use this technology.

In the business world AI provides the ability to learn from big data, recognize real customers, be more creative and be more predictive.

Thanks to AI, we can save a lot of time on tedious tasks.