POV: Instagram Stories Update: Stickers and Links

As we all know, Instagram has been releasing updates for stories differentiate the platform from Snapchat and encourage users to engage more. Among these updates, two of the newest ones are selfie stickers and links.


In addition to the variety of preset stickers that the app offers, users can now take their own selfies as stickers and stick them to a video or photo. This option adds a fun element to Instagram stories.

After taking a photo or a video, tap the smiley face at the top of the screen where you usually select filters. There is a camera icon that allows you to take a selfie, which becomes a sticker.

Although this option seems intended for individual users to play with, it is interesting to see how we can use it for accounts when promoting brands’ products through Instagram stories. It could be used during event coverage for instance, where we let people engage with the brand and express their love for it. The feature could work for companies like Torabika, Evian, Tefal, and lots of other brands that aim to use stories as a means of fun engagement with fans.

“See More” Links

“See More” makes it easier for official accounts to direct their followers to content outside of the social network by clicking or swiping upwards on a link at on the bottom of the story page they are viewing. They will be directed to an in-app link such as a website, and viewers can learn more about what is being posted in the story.

 “See More” links are currently available for verified accounts only. The page needs to be a global brand or a celebrity with blue-check badge next to the name.

Below we can see 2 examples of how these pages create call-to-action content. Delish encouraged followers to get access to a delicious oatmeal cookie recipe on their website, and Time magazine invited viewers to follow a certain page to keep up with the story featured in the publication.

It is always a good idea to be up-to-date with the newest products delivered by social media networks. Mindshare stays on top of the newest trends and cutting-edge features on social media and encourages brands to think outside the box and use these formats in a fun and interactive way to get closer to their fans and stand out among competitors as trendsetters.





Lea Safi, Mindshare MENA