POV: Facebook Stories

Facebook Messenger has updated once again, and this time with a feature like Snapchat which allows you to post images and videos for a day. The feature lets users add filters and masks, which are like Snapchat lenses. Facebook Messenger Stories stand out because the feature permits you to design a blank canvas and then take a picture on it, meaning you can create a sunny background and then snap a picture to suit the custom background you drew.

According to Facebook, even with the feature’s recent launch, Facebook Stories have already reached 150 million daily users, making it almost the same size as Snapchat and even more successful than Instagram stories today. Since Facebook’s audience amounts to 1.8 billion users, this feature could be a game-changer for the platform’s massive audience of users that can’t wait to try it out.  This feature may also be able to attract more users and high-profile influencers due to Facebook’s large audience, thus stories can reach a higher number of people.

The introduction of this feature is part of a greater visual trend for social media platforms, which have been moving towards camera-first communication. Visuals have proved their ultimate ability to attract the online community’s attention, as photos and videos shared as stories can use different appealing factors to grab an audience’s attention, such as filters and other artistic effects. The fact that the visuals disappear in 24 hours also has the ability to encourage users to tune in to get the chance to see what is posted before missing their chance to view the content.

Mindshare experts believe that with Facebook’s continuous development of this feature, Facebook Stories can make its users swoon and even convert users to exclusively use the feature on Facebook. Influencers for brands like Dyson, such as Joelle Mardinian, could publish stories about the product on Facebook Messenger, reaching her large audience on the platform as well as those users who are not available on Snapchat and Instagram. Stay tuned for updates on this and other new social media features as we keep you up-to-date on their success and new applications for your business.