What Were The Key Talking Points At Cannes Lions 2015?

As the seven day festival has come to an end it’s time to pick out some of the key themes, favourite award winning work and highlights from the Cannes Lions.

The mantra of the festival is that creativity is the driving force for business, for change and for good. The festival aims to inspire creative bravery that changes the course of communications.

Five standout themes follow with key quotes and an award winning campaign for each.

  1. Creativity is extraordinary – nobody ever won anything by playing it safe

Pushing the boat out and convincing all parties that this apparent “risk” is one definitely worth taking can take time, effort and more times than not will not go beyond the initial ideation sessions.

 “Don’t force ideas – talk less, do more – be bold and push boundaries” (48 hours to solve a brief - The Pop Up Agency)

“Find the perfect mismatch – don’t be afraid to challenge the dignity of your brand” (Decoding the secrets of Japanese creativity – Hakuhodo)

A Gold for branded content was awarded to Vangardast for putting the issue of HIV quite literally in the reader’s hands:


  2.   One great idea – one simple idea can change your business

“Innovation cannot be bought. It has to be earned” (When new just isn’t enough – Richard Edelman and Jamie Oliver)

“Recognise a good idea when it comes rather than investing time and money trying to salvage a weak idea” (Binge worthy journalism – a conversation with Serial – Julie Snyder)

Dominos introducing emoji ordering – people love using emojis everywhere and on all platforms:


   3. When the unexpected happens or an opportunity arises be ready to adapt.

Sweden loves milk especially milk from Swedish cows and especially Bosse. But it was believed Lidls milk came from German cows, find out what happens when Bosse airs his grievances on the Lidl Facebook page. A brilliant case of taking a negative being adaptive and turning a positive.


    4. Keep it real – we are all consumers, we need to take a step back, look around and be part of the story.

“As a creative person you have to study life” (Viola Davis)

Volvo want to make our roads safer for everyone and that includes cyclists – By observing a real life issue for millions of cyclist’s everyday Volvo created ‘Life Spray’.

     5. Commitment and loyalty – how loyal are your customers?

“The Naked Chef hasn’t changed in the 17 years that it launched. The mantra has been the same” (Jamie Oliver)

“What are the problems facing clients in the future? They are too short term focussed” (Sir Martin Sorrell WPP and Stephen Sackur, BBC, World HARDtalk)

Taco Bell blackout – When launching their new app, Taco Bell didn’t shout across their Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr pages, instead they went silent and closed all social platforms. Loyal fans of the brand were confused asking questions such as; has the brand been hacked? Where did Taco Bell just go?

Fans searching for Taco Bell online soon found that the only place to engage with the brand was through their new mobile app. #ONLYINTHEAPP. By blacking out all other social platforms their biggest fans became the first to know that Taco Bell now have an app.