Twitter Promotes Organic Reach

On the 11th of July Twitter rolled out a Twitter analytics dashboard to provide measurable insights about how organic Tweets perform. Now for the first time, advertisers will be able to see how many times users have viewed and engaged with organic Tweets, so that they can more effectively optimise their content strategy.

Twitter are big on their promotion as they go up against Facebook in the organic reach wars. As most of you know, Facebook has come under some serious criticism over the last year regarding diminishing organic newsfeed reach, with some estimates suggested a decline from 16% to less than 2% for some brands with smaller fan bases.

In effect, Facebook has switched from a “build fans and reach them organically model” to primarily a “paid media massive reach model”, augmented recently by premium video. Facebook would argue that its scale and vast amounts of content being created require algorithms to determine what you see in your newsfeed, or else you will simply be swamped by too much content – up to 1,500 potential stories each day, much of it irrelevant.

Twitter has taken a different approach – there are no algorithms to determine what goes into your newsfeed on Twitter. Consequently, a brand has a much higher chance of getting into a follower’s newsfeed – up to 30% earned reach according to Twitter, and now backed up by further data from its insight tools.

But perhaps this is feasible due to Twitter’s smaller size in comparison to Facebook? Less people, less content, lower overall reach, but a higher % of organic reach?

Whatever the two social platforms say, brands will undoubtedly require guidance as to the benefits and challenges of delivering their content on each platform, whether organically or via promotion. So come talk to us in Mindshare if you have any questions about ensuring your brand/service is getting the right social reach and engagement.