Is TV Getting A Face Lift?

Have you heard?  YouTube Live TV is holding TV upfronts in the US.

For those who don’t know YouTube Live TV is an online subscription model in the US, where people can stream or record content from 50+ networks, that means live content without a cable box.

YouTube has been very frank that TV, not mobile, is their focus in 2018. 70% of people in the US claim they watch YouTube on their TV, meaning they need to adapt beyond digital.

This is unsurprising; it has always been Google’s mission to organise the world's information and make it useful. The latest iteration of this is moving their Live TV product to sit alongside traditional upfronts; until now now they have been running the same ads as linear TV, however YouTube will now be selling their inventory on to advertisers.   

Why is this important?

TV is an expensive medium, which can be cost prohibitive for niche brands with limited budgets. Google is uniquely positioned because they have a huge amount of data that can offer targeting solutions that few others can. Creating a dynamic platform where ads are tailored to the most relevant consumers means that more brands can be in a traditional TV environment with little wastage.  

The bigger picture

Ultimately, Google is only focusing on their own platform, YouTube Live TV; however you can imagine that this will push traditional broadcasters to explore how they can have better targeting and be more dynamic. I am excited to see how this could evolve and affect how TV is being planned and bought around the world and how people will be served more relevant ads. Could we get the best of both worlds? The impact of TV as well as the agility and targeting of digital.  

Ultimately it is a wait and see, but this has an opportunity to transform how we use TV and make this a sliding scale where brands can use as a mass or targeted medium.