Treating The Symptoms Of Shared Tablet Usage

We are of course talking about the fact that recent Global Web Index research shows that 60% of mobile tablet users share their device. When you consider just how personal a smartphone device can be by comparison, this is an important factor to remember when including tablets as part of your overall targeted mobile activity.

The issue stems from the fact that online targeting typically includes assumptions made based on past behaviours online e.g. this person has continued to look at car buying websites, so we can infer that they are “In-Market” to buy a car, therefore, we should serve them with a new car offer or brand ad.

However, if your partner/roommate/sibling does not fall into the same categories that you do, then they can receive the ads intended for you when they get their turn on the iPad next. No one likes to receive ads that are clearly not targeted at them which, as we have discussed before, can have the added effect of contributing to consumer ad blocking []

According to our DILO 2017 research, 28% of those who undertook an online media activity yesterday used an iPad or tablet.

Efficiency is the name of the game with online advertising so anything you can do to make incremental improvements on campaign performance is important. It could make the difference between a consumer picking your brand over another or even choosing to reject advertising altogether.

In order to make sure you are targeting relevant consumers at the right time on their tablet devices make sure strategies such as contextual, keyword and native content (if relevant) are included as part of your plans. This is no different to the age old advertising appearing in broad reach titles. If you were running in the Sunday Independent, for example, with all its varied audiences and shared readership in the home, you can drill down your targeting by appearing in sections and supplements. 

These all mean your ad will reach people while in the right frame of mind when consuming relevant content at a given moment regardless of whether they are tablet user A or B.